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Time for Dialogue

We are now more than half way through Scottish Interfaith Week in Glasgow and momentum has not slowed down yet.  There has been such a diversity of events and dialogues which show the desire and also the continued need for interfaith opportunities.  Today Interfaith Glasgow assisted the University of Strathclyde Chaplaincy Centre host it first event since it official opening the day before.  The Interfaith Cafe which was a call to students and staff at the University to come together and talk about their experience of faith and belief and the shared values and principles held across faith and belief traditions.  The new Chaplaincy Centre was looking great and with the help of Interfaith Scotland the room was decorated with artefacts and information from a variety of faith traditions.  The discussion sessions which attracted 15 people from across the staff and student body were facilitated by members of the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh and Baha’i faiths and allowed a real opportunity for people of different faith and belief backgrounds to come together in dialogue regardless of background and we hope that this will be the beginning of continued opportunities for reflection and dialogue within this space.  Congratulations goes to Rev David Young, Strathclyde University Chaplain, Naseem Anwar – Equality and Diversity Manager and thanks goes to Kellie Bracegirldle for all her help at this event and the people who took their time to facilitate and attend this event.



Interfaith Glasgow was delighted to be asked to speak at the formal opening of the new University of Strathclyde Chaplaincy Centre.  This is a wonderful new opportunity that is open to all students and staff regardless of faith background to use a social, reflection and dialogue area.  We especially like the sacred space area and look forward to watching the centre develop and it is used buy students from all backgrounds.  In particular congratulations to the University of Strathclyde Chaplain Rev David T Young for his hard work to make today happen. Check out their webpage here University of Strathclyde Chaplaincy Centre